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Tadi Lingerie

About Project

Our main activity is Retail & Wholesale with men/women/children underwear, corsets, pajamas, home textiles, leisure clothes, socks, swimwear, thermal linen etc. The brands we represent have long presence in this area. They hold multiple patents and innovations, which make them unique in creating future generation products. Our products offer unique comfort and present you with an opportunity to look stunning in every moment of your life, regardless of  weather conditions.

Project Advantages

  • Immigration consultant, Information technology consulting.
  • Consultant pharmacist Creative consultant.
  • Employment consultant Environmental consultant.
  • Independent contractor, Permatemp.
  • Consultant pharmacist Creative consultant.

Project Information

  • Category: Website
  • Status: Completed
  • Client: Tadi Lingerie
  • Date: 06.03.2017
  • Website: https://tadilingerie.com/
  • Technologies: